Friday, January 2, 2009

cigar-tin stories are unique

Cigar-tin stories are intended as tchotchkes: meant to decorate bookshelves, end tables, mantles, desks, etc. They are one-of-a-kind curiosity items, much like pretty girls. 

tchotchke / pronounced chotch-kuh /

(also tsatske)

noun informal

1. a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket.

2. a pretty girl or woman

ORIGIN 1960's, Yiddish

All cigar-tin stories have an original painting on the cover, varnished and protected, and a booklet with a published story inside.

They are $22 each (includes postage).

Please email me at; the arrangements are simple (believe me; I've mailed artwork all over the world).

You can see more of my work at: