Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the fall that keeps on falling

Fall is by far the busiest time of the year; there is always some point where I have to write the words SLOW DOWN in my appointment book. Because almost all the appointments are with myself, and deadlines are often as much imagined as real. At the same, it's distressing to go through notebooks where I find myself making plans about plans.

So what am I working on?

Artstream is having a GRID show this winter – affordable artworks in 6 x 6-inch format, in whatever array or series the artist chooses. I'm making four pieces, in various media, on cradled wood board, based on stories from my new book, Dark All Day.

But since I can't work small all the time, I've just finished a large (don't have the measurements in front of me, but roughly the size of a coffee table) painting on board about 1984. Don't even ask. And the trouble with saying "finished" is that it never applies to just the artwork itself – I have this fixation with 'complete' work, so I always have to write a story or essay about it, and make an audio recording, and print some kind of booklet for it. Anyway, I'll post more about this next week.

And I'm trying to have a whack of work ready for the upcoming Fat Goose Craft Fair. I only have a half table but I intend to cram it with lovely tchotchkes – cigar-tin stories, drawings, books, illuminated cards, prints, bookmarks – all of it original and handmade.

And then there's still Christmas. Looming.