Wednesday, August 28, 2013

how to say no

detail from how to say no, a mixed-media collage in the shop, with audio here

* * * * *

How often do you say 'no'? It's a hard word for creatives who, like other nerds, tend to avoid confrontation, but especially difficult for graphic designers, who are basically whores with Photoshop and a colour wheel. BUT I AM TRYING. First step is the check-out counter, and responding to the charity question – Would you like to give two dollars to the Bztz*% for Zbtt**9kkng Campaign? – with a firm, NO THANK YOU, AS I AM VERY TIRED.

Slavoj Zizek has some deep thoughts on the question of consumerized charity here.

* * * * *

detail from you can never forget us, an original watercolour in the shop, with audio here